General information


Pomeranian University in Słupsk is the state school of higher education with almost 45-year tradition. It was founded in 1969 on the basis of the Cabinet (Reg. no. 18, it. 134) under the name of Teacher’s College. The basis for Higher Teacher’s College was namely the Teacher’s College existing from 1957. The University is situated 18 km from the Baltic Sea in the town of Słupsk which was granted municipal rights (Magdeburgian) in 1265.


At present there are about 5000 students at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. They are offered education in 23 fields and 100 specializations both in the system of full-time studies (day studies, free of charge) as well as extramural studies (weekend studies, paid).
At first-cycle degree studies (bachelor’s degree) and second-cycle degree studies (master’s degree) Pomeranian University educates in 8 fields (Polish Philology, Russian Philology, History, Biology, Geography, Pedagogics, Fine Arts Education – speciality: Music Education and Mathematics), whereas at first-cycle studies the University educates in 15 fields (National Security, English Philology, German Philology, Culture Studies, Political Science, Physics, Technical Physics, Technical and IT Education /eng/, Nursing, Medical Rescue, Public Health, Environmental Protection, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Works).
Pomeranian University offers post-graduate studies and courses within the area of research carried out.


The Faculty of Philology and History and the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are authorized to grant scientific degrees of Doctor, respectively in the field of History and Biology. Within the next few years the University is planning to attain additional rights for conferring academic degrees of Doctor and Doctor Habilitatus.
At the Pomeranian University, there are 550 scientific and didactic employees including 90 professors and 260 doctors. Lectures are also conducted by visiting professors from other Scientific Institutions both domestic and foreign e.g. from Germany, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary or Great Britain.


The University campus located on Arciszewskiego Street welcomes students to its 3 student dormitories, a canteen, “Matrix” and “Index” clubs and sports facilities. Moreover, students have permanent Internet access through both cable and wireless connections. Pomeranian University also has the largest library in the Middle-Pomerania. Its resources contain 349.819 compact and continuous units as well as 42.425 units of special collections. Current subscription makes 760 titles including 47 foreign magazines. Our students have unlimited access to electronic libraries – both domestic and foreign in the Main Library.
The University also offers its students additional forms of development of their interests, mainly through their activity in scientific clubs, organizations and associations existing at Pomeranian University or in Academic Choir Juventus Cantans.